Welcome to Gold Country!!!

Patients Helping Patients - Join us, call 530 446-4071 Safe - Discrete - Affordable delivery of the highest quality medicine to cannabis patients. Email- info@goldcountrycollective.com

Welcome to Gold Country Collective

We welcome you to join us!!! Gold Country Collective is a group of patients in Northern California who help each other with production and access to the highest quality AFFORDABLE cannabis meds. We do so in full compliance with State and Local laws. Call us at 530 446-4071
All meds are obtained via our delivery service which is Safe, Discrete and Affordable. In full compliance with State and Local laws, first we need to verify your current prescription and ID, and you must reside in California. We are here to help you. Join us!!! Call 530 446 4071
Members of Gold Country Collective produce the cannabis that we all use for our treatment. So it is in all of our best interests to keep the standards high. We all help each other, as our motto says - "Patients Helping Patients". Join us - 530 446-4071
If you are looking for concentrated medicine, we have the best. All are lab tested and high strength. High CBD meds are our specialty. We have products that are high CBD/ high THC for those that need it. We also have High CBD / low THC meds for those who want to avoid the "high" feeling. Join us - call 530 446-4071. For those with special needs, ask about our Compassionate Care Program.